CUNA Credit Union will do whatever is necessary to enhance the growth and development of our member-owners financial well-being.

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 Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
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CUNA Credit Union was organized on September 14, 1935, by the employees of CUNA, Inc., CUNA Mutual Insurance Society, and CUNA Supply Co-op. CUNA Credit Union was founded and grew on the philosophy of meeting members' financial needs with personalized service. The founders, including famous credit union pioneers such as Thomas Doig and Roy F. Bergengren, sought the opportunity to offer credit union services for anyone who did not have services available to them. As a result, CUNA Credit Union received a unique, open charter from the State of Wisconsin meaning anyone, anywhere could join the credit union.

Through the decades, our members have become busier with the trials and tribulations of their own daily lives. No one has nine-to-five schedules anymore. CUNA Credit Union recognizes the need to offer services that will accommodate a hectic lifestyle.

In 1988, the credit union introduced Quick Teller-a voice response system that enables members to check balances, to see if a check has cleared, and more...24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. In addition, we now offer access to loans on a 24 hour basis. Members can talk with someone about their needs when it's convenient for them. Loan approvals take just a few minutes now, not days. It won't be too long before home banking via computers will be available. Keeping up with the latest in technology is part of our service commitment to you. Our goal is to offer our members the best the world has to offer.

PC Branch 

CUNA Credit Union has a strong commitment to our members and the community. We believe it's important to give back to the community where our members live.

Since 1992 CUNA Credit Union, along with other area credit unions, has participated in March of Dimes' fight for healthier babies. Each year the Credit Union Spirit team has hundreds of members and employees walking and raising money for this worthwhile cause. During the past four years, the team has raised over $65,000 in support of research for healthier babies.

Beginning in 1998, CUNA Credit Union and several Madison Area Credit Unions will be supporting and raising money for the Children's Miracle Network - CMN is about helping kids with health problems - from rare childhood diseases to AIDS to cancer to accident victims. All money raised in Dane County, will be used at the Milwaukee Children's Hospital, last year 270 kids were helped! The money is used to purchase highly specialized equipment, research, and covering the cost of expensive procedures. All children are helped regardless of ability to pay. The nationwide credit union effort "Credit Unions for Kids" program raised $2.3 million for CMN in its second year (1996-1997). Local fundraising efforts include T-shirt sales with the CMN "Credit Union for kids" logo, a "Credit Union's Have A Heart for Kids" paperchain, and several other events.

Also in 1998, CUNA provided funding for several small businesses providing goods and services to their local communities. Sunlight Fine Rug Care (New York City) which has provided services to our main offices for many years was approved for short term financing to enable them to begin offering services via the internet. They now offer heirloom Persian carpet cleaning NYC and other services from their new website. Vigor Yoga was also approved for short term financing which enabled them to expand their premises to include more clients. Both these businesses are now thriving examples of the good works being done by CUNA Credit Union.

In 1996, CUNA Credit Union began developing a long-term commitment to the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County (formally the South Madison Neighborhood Center) by offering a credit recovery mentoring program and an after-school educational and snack program. The credit union also supports the families who use the Dane County Domestic Abuse & Intervention Service. We donate children's welcome kits filled with a coloring book, writing materials, and a stuffed animal of the credit union's kids club mascot to help the children feel more comfortable during a sometimes frightening time.

A myriad of things have changed in the world and even for CUNA Credit Union in the past sixty years. CUNA Credit Union has grown to over $140 million in assets and has over 38,000 members.

Although change surrounds all of us, the most important things at CUNA Credit Union have remained constant. That is, CUNA Credit Union's commitment to our purpose...not for profit, not for charity, but for service. And CUNA Credit Union still offers a safe place to borrow and save money, while providing our members with financial services to enhance their lives.

When you join CUNA Credit Union, you are a member-owner of one of the area's largest and most progressive credit unions. Progressive in the products and services we offer and how we deliver them. And being a member-owner of CUNA Credit Union is a unique opportunity to have a voice in the new products and services you want most. That's what CUNA Credit Union is all about: yesterday, today, and tomorrow. People helping people.



Convenience . . . it means different things to different members. Convenience means having services that are top-notch and easy to use. To others, it means getting answers quickly to questions or being able to apply for a loan with a touchtone phone. And still to others, convenience means having a friendly representative to help out when needed. CUNA Credit Union offers all of these conveniences and much more! 

 PC Branch    New!

 Person To Person Loans
 Quick Teller
 Quick Check Card
 ATM Card
 Direct Deposit



 PC Branch    New!



CUNA Credit Union now offers PC Banking. With our PC Branch system, you can conduct transactions through our Internet home page by clicking on the above PC Branch icon.
Use it to...
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Check your account balance
  • Inquire about cleared checks, deposits, and withdrawals
  • Print a copy of your statement
  • Take an advance of a line of credit
  • Request fund withdrawal by check
  • Reorder your checks
  • View annual tax information


PC Branch is safe and easy to use. Click now on the PC Branch icon and see for yourself!

 Person To Person Loans

Call anytime 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week! It's a fast and easy way to learn about our different loans, calculate monthly payments and do "what-if" scenarios. A signature is all we'll need once you're approved.* We may even be able to handle everything by mail. In Madison, call 244-2400; outside of Madison, call (800) 454-9284.
*Approval subject to CUNA Credit Union's normal underwriting guidelines and standards.

 Quick Teller

It's easy, it's free, and you're automatically enrolled. This convenient service enables you to check your account balances, inquire on cleared checks, withdraw money, transfer money from one account to another and more . . . any time, any day, and from any touchtone phone. Just follow these simple steps . . . 

Here's how to use Quick Teller: 1) Call
  • Madison area: 244-2400
  • Toll-free: (800) 454-9284
2) You'll need:
  • Your member account number
  • Your password
  3) Follow the instructions given by the automated teller . . .
  • Find out your account balances
  • Inquire on cleared checks
  • Transfer money from one account to another
  • Request a check to be sent to you
  • Request Redi-Credit and Home Equity line-of-credit advances
  • And more!!

 Quick Check Card

We designed our Quick Check card for the person who's always on the go, whether it's around town, across the country, or across the sea. It's the one travel companion you won't want to leave behind.

Quick Check gives you access to your checking account anytime, anywhere . . . all for $6.00 a year. Use it like a credit card at any place that accepts VISA, but the money will come out of your checking account. It's quicker and easier than writing a check! Plus, there's no need to show your ID.

Or use Quick Check as a TYME card at thousands of automated teller machines worldwide. Many financial institutions will charge extra for using your Quick Check (TYME) card outside of the TYME network. Not us! Use your card at any PLUS network machine, and the "extra charge" is on us!

 ATM Card

You can use your ATM Card at thousands of automated teller machines (ATMs) worldwide to receive cash when you need it.

Overdraft Protection:

  • Savings transfers 
    Automatic transfers in increments 
    of $100 will be made to your checking account 
    to cover overdrafts. This is a free service.
  • Redi-Credit line of credit transfers

    You can protect yourself from mathematical errors by applying for 
    Redi-Credit. If approved, money will be transferred from
    this loan to your checking account in $100 increments 
    to cover overdrafts. You make small payments every 
    month that won't cramp your lifestyle.

 Direct Deposit

The fastest way between you and your paycheck. You can have your payroll directly deposited into your CUNA Credit Union checking or savings account. You can set up automatic transfers to your loan, Christmas Club, IRA, or any other account!